Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I Made It!!!!

A funny thing happened to me this week. I became that which I have always wanted to become. A grizzly bear. Well, no. Not really. I didn’t become a bear. No. The truth is, that after years of trying to become a real writer, perfecting my craft, publishing a comic, and running this blog that is designed to make you inferior beings just a tad smarter, I have made it! Yes sir. I now feel comfortable calling myself an industry professional. An honest to God writer. How did this happen? I will tell you sir. I will tell you.

Only a few days ago, one of my posts made its way to a certain forum. Now I won’t go into detail about what the slightly disparaging post may have claimed about an upcoming threequel game. And out of sheer respect for the community, I won’t Bother Saying Nothing about who read the article. In any event, the post was panned and I received what essentially amounted to hate mail. No threats mind you, just a few petty insults, a bunch of dudes putting words in my mouth, and other dudes taking portions of my article completely out of context. And that’s how it happened. That’s how I became a real writer. I got hate.

You know, there is a certain level of satisfaction that comes with being infamous. Sadly, the infamy is mostly unwarranted spawned from a few folks who only read half an article, and everyone else simply jumped on board. Either way, it’s hate, and it’s mine. All mine baby. All mine. I’m admired for my detestability. High five if you can guess what movie that’s from. And no Google. That’s cheating.

I’ve been cheated, jipped, overpaid, underpaid, hired, fired, loved, hated, positively reviewed, negatively reviewed, I’ve sold, I’ve bought, I’ve divided, and I’ve conquered. If that doesn’t spell “PERFECTION” nothing does. Although my dreams of one day becoming a grizzly bear may never actualize, I will always be a writer. Whether you like it or not.

Oh, and to you out there who may naysay and flaunt about with your superiority complexes telling me that none of that means I’m a pro, you’re wrong. There is actually scientific evidence out there that supports the fact that I’m a pro. It’s a book written by Rob Leifield. He’s a scientist ya know. In anatomical studies. Heh.

Now I bid thee farewell for now. Stay thirsty my friends.


Mezeibest said...

Hello Ryan!

I've been surfing the net alongside my great depression and sadness regarding our wonderful generation of talented and creative people whom I shamefully envy.
Well, no. Not really. It's more like the opposite.

I feel like our kids growing into the next list of 'funny' (aka repetitive) memes, spectacular (irreal..) G.I. Joe movies and $5 DLC CoDs aren't gonna build the future we were certainly looking forward to when watching the now-semi-hilarious Sci-fi movies of the 90s. But it may be only my pessimism and undoubtedly negative experience that makes me think of these deductions.

I am sorry for this kind of introduction, but simply saying hello is like saying "hey im boring:)" !
I first discovered your blog by having my usual doubts about the upcoming video-games of our awesome console generation. So, as a sane minded individual would do in his/her case of curiosity, I went on to find out who else is having the same kind of thought I seem to have..
when I realized that noone.
Well not exactly noone, but.. so few people that some would say they aren't even worth to mention.

But then I found this (these) detailed thread(s) about your doubts about Mass Effect 3 (well not about its success, because we all know sometimes it's enough to sell a title, rather than a game) and I was delighted to see someone seeing through the childish marketing tricks we get to experience everytime some bigger title is on the edge. I am not trying to flame or make any part of the acclaimed ME series look bad. I like them aswell. (Although I am more into less-consolized games being a game enthusiast.)

All I'm desperately trying to say is, both the Mass Effect 'review' and the article I'm commenting on are kinda 'cool' writings which I found very interesting!
I think you are quite skilled and would love to see writers (people) such as you reviewing games of our decade.. the detail, accuracy and may I call 'seriousness'.. in the way you handle your articles is very informing and fun to read!

And a question.. :)
(Sorry it will be about gaming!)

Did you play old Rpg games like Gothic, Morrowind,.. and so on?

Sorry for taking your time!
Keep up the good work!

Ryan said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am honestly very touched by what you said and I greatly appreciate your comment.

Gothic and Morrowind were actually two of my first RPGs. I loved those games! Gothic will always have a special place in my heart as one of the few games that allowed me to cook my own meat.

Once again, thank you so much for the comment.