Friday, October 19, 2012

Let the Kids Trick or Treat for St. Jude!

Hello everybody!  I would like to draw your attention to a little charity auction going on right now.  My good buddy Stephen Bryant of SRB Productions is putting on a charity to help raise money to fight against childhood cancer and other illnesses.  He has established a nice auction filled with great artwork, comics, books, and jewelry from many talented individuals, including yours truly.

I have put up a lot featuring a signed issue of Star Crossed Galaxy #1, as well as three exclusive, never before offered prints!  You can check it out here, or check out the other stellar items up for auction right here.  As stated, all items from my lot will be signed by me.  If you are wondering what the auction is all about, check out this interview with the man behind the curtain, Stephen Bryant

Thanks to everyone who bids, or at least spreads the word.  It is for a great cause, and it's something that I am very passionate about.  I wouldn't help out if I weren't.  The auction ends October 31st, so you have plenty of time to bid.  If you want to that is.  Just know, these kids desperately need your help (cue super sad Sarah McLachlan music). 

In other news, I will be at Detroit Fanfare next weekend (October 26-28).  I will be selling copies of Star Crossed Galaxy #1 and Twilight Pop Presents #3.  I do not have too many copies, so if you want to stop by and purchase a copy, be there quick!  Also, make sure to say hi to my table partner, Rose McClain, and take a ganders at her excellent artwork.  She is absolutely amazing.  

Two news updates, 6 plugs, 25 godzillion links later, and we've reached the end of this update.  Thanks everybody for paying attention (I say to an empty room).  Stay safe and awesome, and keep visiting da blag!