Sunday, December 20, 2009

Announcing Starcrossed

"500 years after an interstellar plague nearly destroyed all life in the galaxy, a mercenary ship captain battles to prevent it from happening again. Captain Joseph Cull travels the galaxy with his ragtag crew, fighting the war against pirates, discovering new worlds, and unlocking secrets long forgotten. Cull will soon discover, things are not always waht the seem in the dark corners of space."

This is my brand new mini-series, Star Crossed. It's a inter galactic sci-fi action comic book series in the vein of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mass Effect. You know, aliens, ships, space, battles, aline ships battling each other in space. Check out the Star Crossed forum over a TwilightPop Productions' blog. Make some posts, commence chatting, such and such. It will be a blast, I hopes. In the meantime say hello to two of the primary characters in Star Crossed, Paige LaChance, and Jason Grey. Big thanks to the artist, Matt Martin!