Sunday, January 08, 2012

Star Crossed Galaxy #2 More Updates

Okay, I know many fans have been waiting awhile for Star Crossed Galaxy #2, so I have good news! Mike Campeau of Krimson Kaine will be joining our team as the artist. The second issue should be on sale at C2E2, provided everything goes according to plan. So you guys won't have waiting much longer to see the story continue.

But for those of you who are just too impatient, I have prepared a few shorts for you guys. Check out my deviantart page and read "A Page in Time," a short story about Paige LaChance, you know, the girl with the shotgun from issue 1. Learn about the events that propelled her on a journey that would eventually lead her onto the Outlander.

And while you are reading a "A Page in Time," check out "Personal Correspondence," another short story told exclusively through e-mails. Here, you guys will get a sneak peek at a very prominent character in the Star Crossed Galaxy universe, who will be introduced in issue #2.

Also, I caved on got myself a Twitter. I guess I'm a twit now. Follow me on Twitter if you're bored. I don't say much. Being new to Twitter is kind of like being a new student for your senior year of high school. Everybody knows everybody, but you don't know anybody, and nobody knows you. And nobody really cares what you have to say either. All those celebrities are popular kids. Not a huge fan of Twitter... yet...

Anyways, that's it for now. If you're heaidng to C2E2, make sure to stop by and pick up a copy of Star Crossed Galaxy #1 and 2.

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