Thursday, September 01, 2011

Star Crossed Galaxy #2 Update

Well it has basically been a year since Star Crossed Galaxy #1 was released, and I'm sure all of the fans are eager for an update. Well, I got some bad news. SCG #2 has hit a bit of a snag. The artist, the amazingly talented Matt Martin had to drop out as the artist for the series. He's got a few gigs his working on right now, and I for one wish him the best of luck. He was an incredible artist and a stand up guy, but the best part about working with Matt was his passion and zeal for the series. He really loved working on the book and with the characters. I feel bad that he is leaving the SCG, but I'm happy he's making his mark in the world of comics. Good luck, Matt!

Don't be too sad as Matt has pretty much finished his penciling duties on SCG #2. So he's still our man, at least until #3. Right now, I'm busy trying to find an artist to fix up the final pages, give us an exciting cover and then we're ready to roll. So I begin my search for a new artist to take over the mantle of in issue 3, and hopefully, we can get this first story arc in your hands. Nay nay, definitely, we will get this first story arc in your hands!

In the meantime, make sure you download our free preview of Star Crossed Galaxy #2. It showcases some of the tension taking place in this issue and give a sneak peak at the upgraded art style. If you haven't read Star Crossed Galaxy yet, you're dead to me. Don't worry you can easily rectify that by purchasing yourself a copy. Check out the links to the side to see where you can buy our exciting first issue. Hint: Amazon may not be a bad place to start.

One last big thank you to Matt for his hard and passionate work on Star Crossed Galaxy. I know Captain Cull and his crew are going to miss you.

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