Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C2E2: Post Game Part 2

Continuing my epic saga at C2E2, I give you Saturday's tale.

Saturday started out perfectly on schedule. I was awake, showered and ready to go right when I wanted to be. After eating my $4 almond and cream cheese danish (Chicago is so damn pricey!) I set out for the show. Sadly, the bus delayed my near perfect timing but at least I didn't have to pay for a cab (sorry Andy).

I arrived at the show and checked in with my buddies and my neighbors. Booth setup was a breeze this time, and everything was ship shape when the customers started rolling in. Saturday was said to be the biggest day of the show, and having already met my low end sales goal on Friday, I was eager to see what the biggest day of the show had in store. Unfortunately, I was about to be disappointed.

Friday started about as slow as a pegged legged turtle caught in molasses. My first sale was to my dad and my second was to one of my comic book friends from Indiana. Following Dave's advice, I took it in stride and didn't let it bog me down. I took a moment or two to investigate the show floor and see what was what. The Ghostbusters toy display was particularly cool. I also ran into some cool characters like Dizzy and Anya from Gears of War, the best Jango Fett I've ever seen, and a kick ass Juggernaut. I also tried to talk with some editors at Dark Horse, or Zenescope, somewhere to publish some creator owned material, if nothing else just to get my name out there. Sadly, I was overcome by my nerves and decided to take it slow for the rest of the day. This was my frost show after all. I'll try again tomorrow. I was out for a bit longer than I wanted to be, so I had to head back to my table.

Upon returning, Dave was giving advice to an aspiring comic artist. She came to the con looking to absorb as much info about the biz as possible. Ah, reminds me of myself back in Wizard World Chicago circa 2007. She was pretty cool and she hung around for awhile. I think her name was Becca. This is what I was looking forward to at the show, giving advice about what I have learned over the years. I'm no pro yet, but I've learned my fair share of tricks. Dave and I offered everything we could, and hopefully, she got some great tips to mull over for the next few weeks. the funniest thing about Becca is that she came back much later in the day. Maybe she had a little crush on Dave, who knows. I like to compare her to the sweet little puppy who followed us home. I don't mean in a bad way either.

At this point my sales began to pick up and I was making some new contacts. I met so many people that I couldn't remember them all. I know I lost more than a few business cards along the way, too. Bad first timer, bad! Anyways, with sales picking up I felt much more comfortable about the day. I was able to sell more comics than Friday, but not by much. Big Saturday wasn't all that big for me, but since I surpassed my high end expectations, I was still very pleased. I closed up shop for the day and headed to chat with some friends. Instead of hanging out with my dad again, I thought I try my hand at networking.

I tagged along with Andy and his pals. They were some great folks and we had a great time getting semi-trapped in an elevator and stumbling along Chinatown in downtown Chicago. We ate at a nice little Chinese restaurant with a screaming baby that lead to an abundance of Alien themed jokes. Although the food was good, it wasn't very agreeable later.

After our meal we went to the Hyatt where all the comic book creators were hanging out and networking. I ran in to Dave again and we chatted a bit. I also caught a glimpse of the Ghosthunter dude and Badger from Firefly. It seemed appropriate to run into him considering my pitch for Star Crossed Galaxy was "It's like Firefly meets Pirates of the Caribbean." Sadly, I was having better luck networking on the show floor then here. I called it a night early. I was tired and had work to do. I stayed until about one and didn't actually get a chance to sleep until two. Unfortunately, some drunken mongrels ion the hall of the 30th floor at the Sheraton guaranteed a long night for me. The next morning was not about to go over smoothly.

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