Friday, November 26, 2010

Writing Exercise: Epic Speech

Lately I've been trying to think of new ways to develop and strengthen my character creation skills. As I was reading some tips from fellow writers, I came up with an idea for a writing exercise. I call it The Epic Speech.

What you do?
Imagine the character you have written is about to fight an incredible battle. The odds are against him/her, and everyone he/she is about to go to war with will likley die. The air is dark and dangeoeus, but the soldiers need inspiration. It is time for your character to give an awesome speech to pump them up. Write what your character would say, how would they say and how would they feel. Do they feel silly and awkward , or courageous and noble? Don't worry about timline, as that is not the purpose of this exvercise. Do however, pay attention to your character's personality. If they have a tendency to cuss, they'lll proabably cuss more than a few times. If your characyter is an elven ranger, he won't be worrying about killing Zergs on Jupiter.

What is the objective?
Creating avoice for your chaarcter is one of the most important objectives in character creation. This is an excercise in creating a character's voice. If you are struggling to do so, maybe you need to think about your character more. Then again, maybe your charcter is struggling to find the words as well. Either way, once you've finished this excercise properly, you may know more about your character then you did before you started.

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